Almost. There.

I can’t wait.  I can’t wait to run.  I can’t wait to have a pint of really good beer.  I can’t wait to not have to worry whether or not there is sugar in anything that I buy.

On Monday, I start running again.  This month off has been great.  I got what I wanted: I want to run again.  In the absence of running, I’ve been lifting a few times a week and made it to a few classes.  I’ve found that I do like StrongLifts.  I plan on keeping up with it for 2 more months and then from there finding some other lifting program to supplement my running.  I look forward to figuring out how it helps my running.

As for Whole30, I’m on day 25.  I feel great!  I’ve gotten into a routine.  I’ve made it through social situations without struggling terribly.  I did have a couple days where I felt super snacky, but I managed to eat compliant things.  We also experienced Snowzilla here in DC and I was able to plan around being home-bound with the guidelines set forth by Whole30.

At this point, I’m trying to decide what to do when I finish.  The first weekend we have the Super Bowl, so I’ll indulge a bit there.  But as awesome as I feel, how do I add in the things I’m missing without completely undoing both how I feel and any weight loss that I may have?  Any ideas?


Whole30, Day 10

I only have to do this 2 more times…

Today is day 10 of my second Whole30 and I’m FINALLY feeling pretty awesome.  This morning wasn’t nearly as bad to get out of bed.  The only thing keeping me there was my furnace of a boyfriend and warm covers, not exhaustion.  YAY!

The last 10 days haven’t been as awful as I was expecting.  I was on a major binge throughout December and following Across the Years, I ate all the things and made sure to drink as much as I could handle since I knew I was giving it up for the next 30 days.  Other bloggers and the Whole30 timeline talk about the hangover the first couple days.  I’m not sure if I have a high tolerance for pain, or their writing just describes really well, but the headache would go away after meals.  I think I’m more exhausted from the planning and carrying all my food back and forth to work each day.

Meal planning has by far been the biggest hassle.  I work in two locations and will stay with my boyfriend a couple nights a week, so I’ve been carrying a day or two’s worth of meals everywhere I go.  I try to keep things simple, but I do get tired of eating the same thing each day as well.  I know in the grand scheme of things it’ll be worth it, but I just like to complain.  Maybe silver lining is my arms are getting a good workout??

Here’s some of what I’ve been eating:

  • Breakfast:
    • Eggs and potatoes (both white and sweet)
  • Lunch and Dinner:
    • Chicken, roasted vegetables, with a jalapeno dip found on the Whole30 Recipes Instagram page
    • Ground beef made like taco meat
    • Salmon salad (w/ homemade mayo; I left my ingredients out overnight and made it using the stick blender.  Definitely easy!)
    • Spaghetti squash with a tomato sauce and ground turkey

I definitely need to work on my pre- and post-workout meals.  I haven’t been consistent with them.  That can be a goal for my next couple days.  🙂