Books, Pie, and Goals

Eventually I’ll get around to writing a fall catch-up post and Across The Years race report, but for now, I know I can get some goals set-up for the new year.

I have two major goals I want to accomplish that have nothing to do with running, but will definitely be a fun experience.

  1. Read 13 non-school related books.  Last year I made the goal to read 26 books and I didn’t do it.  I thought one every two weeks was manageable, but I fell off track in May.  13.  I can do 13. I also found this challenge on Facebook that can help me pick my books:  
  2. Bake one pie per month.  I love pie.  I want to make my pies perfect. By making a pie a month, I’ll be able to practice my pie crust and try different seasonal recipes.  Let me know if you want a piece.   

My running goals right now are zilch.  I really don’t want to run (so much for a running blog, eh?).  I think doing so many marathons this fall burnt me out and I need to figure out how to get some mojo back.  As such, my running goal for January is to not run at all.  Zip. Zilch. Nada. I’m hoping that by the end of the month, I’ll miss running and WANT to go out for a run.

That said, I am going to workout.  I started StrongLifts 5×5 today in an effort to get a more balanced body composition.  It is only five different exercises that is split into two workouts.  You lift 3 times a week.  What I like about it is the workout shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes.  I also plan on trying some different classes at the gym 2-3 times a week (hello Zumba and kickboxing!).

I’m also looking at my food this month.  A couple years ago, I tried the Whole30.  I explain it as a very strict Paleo plan (no grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol or added sugars).  When I did it before, it felt great.  I was eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  I had amazing energy.  I didn’t drink.  I lost weight.  Then it was over.  And I started back on some bad habits.

This time around, I hoping to keep some of the habits that the Whole30 taught me.  I like that it’s 3 meals a day, no snacking.  I like that it emphasizes whole foods and home cooking.  I’m looking forward to having a reason to say that I’m not drinking.  I also just need to stop eating all those treats that people bring into work.

So, those January goals:

  1. No running
  2. Work out 5 times a week: 3 StrongLift workouts, 2-3 classes or cardio.
  3. Whole30: No exceptions. (I know you’re wondering about that pie…I’m making one to give away :))

What about you?  2016 goals?  January goals?


July Goals

Something I would like to work on is making goals, making plans to reach those goals, and doing my own personal analysis after I reach those goals.  If I fail to reach them, what do I need to change?  My approach?  Make a more reasonable goal?

I love Excel spreadsheets and I’ve found that I am very rewarded by checking off the boxes.  I managed to give up eating candy in the candy dish at work by checking off each day.  I made it through 2 months before I stopped checking the boxes and now it’s been another 2 months without tracking and I’m still not eating the candy!


Here’s what I have planned for July:

  1. Goal: Join in on the #yogaeverydamnday movement (on Instagram). Even if I just do one sun salutation, or fall asleep to a yoga nidra meditation, I will do yoga each day this month.
    1. Plan: Continue to go to 2-3 classes per week.  Add in videos other days.  Will track minutes of yoga each day in my sheet.
  2. Goal: Remain consistent with my running as I run my peak week and taper for the Endless Summer 6 Hour. This means at least 4 days per week.
    1. Plan: 3 days a week with my run group and a weekend long run.  This one shouldn’t be too hard to follow.  🙂
  3. Goal: Track my drinking habits.  I barely drank last month as per doctor’s orders and while he cleared me to drink, I felt great!
    1. Plan: Look at each week and plan which days I will be drinking (happy hours, concerts, etc.).  Using my chart, track the number of drinks each week.  Plan on 2 or less if I choose to drink.

I’ll check in with these goals with each weekly recap and do a full analysis at the end of the month.

Any July goals for you?