Weekly Recap 6/29-7/5

Peak week for training done!  Didn’t quite go as planned, but I did get my long run in and now I can rest.


AM: 5 miles with the group.  Didn’t start off well because I was late due to not understanding how to use the U-lock for my bike.  I just need to sit down and practice opening and closing it over and over.  Run felt kinda sluggish and it was a one of those that I just got done.


Noon: yoga nidra.  I just love this class.  It’s a nice break mid-day.


AM: 7.01 miles with the group.  Actually felt pretty good.  7 seems to be my sweet mileage right now.  Did a 10 minute core yoga video off of Runner’s World.

PM: 3.5 miles with Christina in Columbia Heights.  It was great to run an old route with an old friend. We went to eat Dominican food after and it took all I had to not inhale it all and make myself sick.  I couldn’t get sick of beans and rice!


Noon: alignment yoga.  Another class I can’t get enough of.  🙂


AM:  Long run day!  20.02 miles.  Honestly didn’t have my heart in it.  Didn’t prep as well the night before, got up an hour later than usual.  Had about 2276 pep talks through the run: “just get it done, Jenn,  once it’s done you get to rest and taper.”  It sucked.  It was hot.  I was miserable.  But I finished.  Did a 20 min recovery yoga video from Runner’s World.

Met up with friends later for drinks in Alexandria.  If you ever got to Blackwall Hitch, try their “Dirty Hitch”.  Possibly one of the best Martinis I’ve had.


Just got up for work and got all red, white, and blue for the holiday.  I earned the name Lady Liberty at some point during the night.  Does anyone else love the Fourth??  I also did a couple sun salutations at work to get my yoga in.  🙂

I also love to make pie and accepted this challenge:

 This is not my pie.  Mine will be apple pie.  😉


Does hangover recovery count as a workout?

Total: 35.53 miles, 155 min of yoga.

I missed on my July goals last week,  but I can always pick up where I went off.  I skipped my run and yoga on Sunday, and I definitely drank way more than intended most days of the week.

How did your training go?


Weekly Recap 6/22-6/28

What did I manage this week? 


AM: 3 miles with the run group.  Only ran 2 miles, walked the third, but it felt pretty good after 18 on Sunday.  

PM: Dharma Yoga 


Noon: Yoga Nidra


AM: rode my bike to the run, but belly was upset and felt fatigued.  Didn’t run.  Also stayed home from work.  Slept until noon! 


PM: Pilates in the Park


AM: 5.9 miles to Lincoln Memorial with the group.  Nice break in the weather.  Here’s the Washington Monument at dawn:   


AM: 12.12 miles.  It was raining the whole time.  I’m super proud of myself for getting my ass out of bed at 5AM to get it in before work.  Only one more long run before taper!  EEK!! Here’s a great pic from the Mall:   


Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K!  32:18 with a huge negative split.  Definitely one of my favorite races.  Race report to come in a couple days.  🙂

Total: 24.21 miles, 2 yoga classes, 1 Pilates class. I call it a win. 

How’d your training go this week?